Frequently Asked Questions

01 What is breathwork and what can you expect from the experience?

Breathwork refers to a variety of breathing exercises anditechniques that are done for the purpose of breath control. While it can be traced back to ancient practices, modern techniques have been developed for medical and spiritual purposes. Practicing breathwork regularly helps you improve your physica, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being in a multitude of ways.

At Detox House, we use various techniques from Wim Hof breathing for cold exposure, conscious connected, and holotropic breath to achieve greater states of consciousness.

02 What can I expect in a breathwork class?

Class times vary, but in a one-hour class, you can expect forty minutes of active breathing with ten minutes of meditation before and ten minutes after.

03 What are the benefits of cold plunge and what can I expect?

Cold exposure regulates the nervous system through vagal toning, which helps ease anxiety. Regular cold plunges can also improve your sleep and mood while providing better muscle recovery, immune support, elevated energy, and pain relief.

04 What if I've never done this before? Will someone guide me?

If you are new to cold plunging, your first session will be guided. You’ll also have the choice to accept guidance for future sessions, too. We recommend taking advantage of our guided breathwork and an anchor during your first one-to-four minute plunge.

05 What do I need to bring?

Great question! You don’t need to bring anything but a bathing suit.

06 How cold is the water?

You can customize the water temperature to you if you are booking a private session. For communal sessions, the cold plunge sits around 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

07 How hot is the sauna?

The communal infrared sauna will be set to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and the traditional sauna will be set to 170. Private saunas can be set to your desired degree, with 135-151 degrees recommended.

08 What is the recommended time frame for each?

For saunas, we recommend at least twenty minutes in the sauna and up to forty-five minutes of total sauna time. For cold plunges, research shows that eleven to twelve minutes of cold plunge per week is effective when broken out in three sessions of up to four minutes. In a single visit, the ideal circuit is forty minutes of sauna and four minutes of cold plunge.